Data Revival - we will bring your data back to you

Recover Data

DATA REVIVAL is your best chance for data recovery.

We recover data from corrupted hard disks of any size, type and configuration.

DATA REVIVAL follows a tested and proven procedure to maximize the chance of data recovery

  • We recover data from the following media: Hard Disk Drive (Parallel & Serial ATA, SCSI), External USB drives, Solid State Drives SSD, NAS drives, USB flash sticks, all smart phones, camera cards, Floppy Disk, CD and DVD
  • We specialise in recovery from hard drive
    in RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 10 and all NAS RAID devices
  • Data copy & backup on DVDs, USB, external hard drives

To recover (your) data [from your hard disk, external hard drive, SSD, NAS, RAID, floppy disk, memory card, CD, DVD, USB, iPhone, iPad, Android phone] we perform the following steps.

1. Initial Assessment

We will ask you to fill in our questionnaire as well as review and accept the terms and conditions of our Service Agreement. As we put our highly specialized skills and sophisticated equipment in action we will charge you a moderate assessment fee (payable in advance and non-refundable).

As a result of assessment, if we believe the recovery is possible, you will receive a listing of the files and folders we believe we can recover, as well as fixed quote for the recovery itself (in addition to the assessment fee).
Alternatively, if we believe the recovery is not possible we will return the drive to you.

2. Data Recovery

If we believe the recovery is possible and you accept our quote we will proceed and perform all actions required to recover your data.

No Data, No Recovery Charge Policy
We are confident in our data recovery abilities so much that if we fail to recover your data we will charge you only the initial assessment fee and return your disk(s).

3. Data Delivery

We may deliver your data on our external hard drive (which you may borrow from us for no longer than five days) or copy the data to a hard disk that you provide. We may discuss with you which files and folders you need delivered. We will never use your old hard drive(s) to deliver recovered data.

Begin now by reviewing our Data Recovery Questionnaire and Service Agreement

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We recover data from corrupted hard disks of any size, type and configuration.

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Data Recovery Questionnaire

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Service Agreement

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